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Hi, I'm Rachel! 👋 I specialize in empowering busy moms to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

       ⭐️ Blend wellness with mom-life effortlessly.

       ⭐️ Learn quick, healthy meal planning.

       ⭐️ Boost energy and self-care.

       ⭐️ Create lasting, practical health habits.

I guide busy Moms on their path to gaining back their energy and confidence, by helping them with actionable and practical strategies that help them to prioritize their health + wellness even in the chaos of Mom life! 

I've thoughtfully developed a method that cuts through the clutter of fad diets and quick fixes, unravels the tangle of nutrition myths, and leads you from chaos to clarity in your wellness journey.

Hey Momma, does this sound like you?

🌟 Juggling kids, work, and household tasks leaves little time for personal wellness.

🌟 Struggling to find time for healthy cooking and eating amidst a hectic schedule.

🌟 Overwhelmed by the demands of daily life, leaving self-care on the backburner.

🌟 Tired of temporary solutions and quick fixes that don’t last or fit into your Mom life.


Then you're in the right place! 

I'm here to help you seamlessly blend your busy mom life with practical health and wellness strategies!

These strategies:

🌟 Are easily implemented into your life without overwhelming you!

🌟 Transform how you approach wellness, making it a natural part of your day.

🌟 Give you step-by-step guidance toward a more sustainable and enjoyable approach to your health and wellness!





I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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What clients are saying...



"Rachel has helped me finally break the cycle of binge eating and dieting.  This really is a lifestyle change, and I genuinely feel like my health is the best it has ever been.  Rachel is supportive while you learn new habits and will help guide you to be your best self.  I am more comfortable building balanced meals, while still allowing myself to mindfully enjoy all the food groups."

Holly W.

"Working with Rachel as my nutrition coach has been a revelation. Unlike previous experiences, Rachel didn't impose strict restrictions. Instead, she focused on education, guiding me towards healthier choices. Over the past 60 days, I've not only shed 7.8 lbs but also bid farewell to alcohol, breaking free from the yoyo dieting cycle. Rachel's approach is empowering – she didn't just change my habits; she changed my perspective on nutrition and well-being. I'm immensely grateful for her guidance."

Athena N.

"A lot of it is the mindset around shifting to a healthy lifestyle that's not related to a scale.  My goal was to make it more of a lifestyle rather than some fad diet or crash diet.  It was the first time that the weight loss was secondary…like an added benefit, and not the main goal!"

Megan G.

Let’s get to it!


I’ve been a certified nutrition coach for the last 3 years!  It all started when I got my own coach after struggling to lose the baby weight after baby #3 and now I have helped 60+ clients lose weight, create sustainable habits, and finally break free from diet culture and quick fixes! 


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