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To the Momma who knows she deserves to be at the top of her priority list because it’s essential for you and your family but is not sure how to actually get there...


Give me 8 days to transform your mindset around nutrition and exercise so that you can make healthy a lifestyle that includes sustainable habits, a powerful new body image, and a feeling of self-worth all while knowing it is a sustainable way of life! 

To truly live a healthy lifestyle, it starts on the inside and works its way out!

There are 3 key pillars that every busy Mom needs to figure out to actually create the healthy lifestyle they are dreaming of.  Read on to learn how you can take the stress and frustration out of creating sustainable habits that don’t require restriction, endless hours of working out, and missing out on all your favorite foods! 

Oh and of course, a lifestyle that still includes eating your cake too!


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Sustainable Habits

Our approach focuses on long-term, sustainable changes, not quick fixes.

Empowered Moms

We empower moms with the knowledge and tools to take control of their health.


Our strategies are designed to fit into your busy schedule, not disrupt it.

Look at these results...

"Over the past 60 days, I've not only shed 7.8 lbs but also bid farewell to alcohol, breaking free from the yoyo dieting cycle."

  "This really is a lifestyle change, and I genuinely feel like my health is the best it has ever been."

"It was the first time that the weight loss was secondary…like an added benefit, and not the main goal!"

I want results!

Imagine a life where your health + wellness is not a struggle, but a seamless part of your routine!


By signing up for 'Nourished' you will gain the tools and knowledge to make this dream a reality!

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'Nourished' isn't just another course!


We're debunking the myths of quick fixes and embracing a path that includes real, sustainable strategies – yes, that means enjoying your favorite slice of cake, too! 


Wellness is about balance, about finding joy and nourishment in every aspect of life, including those sweet indulgences.


But more importantly, it's about re-prioritizing yourself. It’s about making space on that busy schedule for your health, your well-being, your moments of peace and enjoyment. 


It’s about remembering that you, the incredible mom that you are, deserve to be at the top of your own to-do list.

Going from diet to diet kinda sucks...

Especially if you don't know how to even properly fuel your body! And if you’re like most other Mommas that have health + wellness goals, finding the time and energy is not easy…....

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you currently are on yet another diet or trying to “only eat healthy” because you think that is what is going to get you to feel your best and have the energy you need to keep up with your hectic life a one size fits all approach that doesn’t get to the root of the problem, is not the answer…

Think about it! Your lifestyle, activity, food preferences, personal history and experiences are never going to be the same as any one else’s, right?

NO! Of course not! So then why would you ever assume that applying general advice from the internet or a friend is going to get YOU to achieve the health + wellness goals you are trying so hard to achieve?

The healthy lifestyle you are looking for will not come from a one size fits all approach!

Try a Better Approach

So, if you are constantly Googling things like: 

  • How to lose after kids
  • Should I do intermittent fasting?
  • What’s the best diet to follow for….?
  • What are the best foods for weight loss?
  • What are the best exercises for busy moms?
  • What are easy + healthy recipes?
  • Why is it so hard to lose weight after kids?
  • And so on and so on…

 Has it worked so far?

If you’re like most of the other Mommas I have worked with (as well as myself) the answer is most likely “no.”

But this is all ok! Because creating the healthy lifestyle you want can be as simple as shifting your perspective on what healthy truly means.

When you are struggling to figure out what works for YOU, sometimes it’s as simple as gaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence……

to make healthy a lifestyle, not just another quick fix!


That one-size-fits all approach is what is holding you back from fully embracing a truly healthy lifestyle!

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach

The right approach to creating a truly healthy lifestyle doesn't just address weight loss, it should also: 

  • Transform your mindset around nutrition.
  • Encourage exercise and movement that you truly enjoy.
  • Promote a positive relationship with your body.
  • Guide you to create sustainable habit changes so that you can easily fit them into your already packed days.
  • Make you feel empowered and give you a feeling of self-worth!

And when you look around at all the other Mommas who have been able to create a truly healthy lifestyle and ditch their all-or-nothing mindset….

They ALL have created sustainable habits that don’t require restriction, endless hours of working out, and missing out on all their favorite foods! 

Oh and of course they’ve also been able to create a lifestyle that includes having their cake AND eating it too! (or insert whatever foods, you can’t live without and are sick of having to restrict!)

I want to have my cake!

The #1 Mistake frustrated and overwhelmed Mommas Keep Making:


Having an all-or-nothing mindset.  Thinking that they are either all in on their healthy lifestyle or all out and that there isn’t a way to have a balance. And if you're doing this, you are creating so much more stress and overwhelm around your health + wellness than you need to.

And you already know that overwhelm and stress do NOT support creating sustainable healthy habits.

Or worse! Mistake #2…

When they don’t see the results they are seeking fast enough, they double down and restrict and deprive themselves even more, causing even more stress and overwhelm.  That’s like trying to clean and tidy up your house while your kids are around! 

You're gonna waste a LOT of your time, energy, and money and never solve the problem!

Throwing more unsustainable and generic advice at the PROBLEM doesn’t work!

I bet you know exactly what you need to do...

to feel better, have more energy, and be able to keep up with your kids and chances are you’ve probably done it before, but it didn’t stick!
The reality is, until you start to address your relationship with food, your body, and your mindset, the healthy habit changes you are working so hard on are never going to stick!
And dealing with my own weight and health issues and going from a place where I would constantly be on a diet, restricting myself, feeling guilt  and shame around my food choices…
to now being able to easily lose the baby weight after baby #4 without restriction, have the energy I need to keep up with all 4 kiddos, being able to be an active part of their lives, and still have my cake and eat it too, it’s as clear and simple as this:
You need to transform your relationship with food, your body and what healthy truly means so that you can create a lifestyle that easily fits into your life and supports the life you want to live!
allows you to show up for your kids the way you want to and the way they need you to!
Do What Works

You DESERVE to be back at the top of your priority list and so does your FAMILY!

How else do you expect to be the role model you want to be for your kids, be around for them as they grow up, and more importantly do all of this while feeling your BEST!?!

When you keep reverting back to those unsustainable habits that overwhelm you can cause more stress you will never fully embrace the skills, habits, and mindset….. 

you need to truly live a healthy lifestyle.

But when you EMBRACE a wellness journey that encompasses mindful eating, practical nutrition, positive body image, and incorporating enjoyable physical activities into daily life, all tailored to fit into your busy life….

You can easily take these skills and apply them wherever you go!

But I get it...

Thinking about adding more to your already long to-do list seems like A LOT!!

"Who has time for self-care, meal prep, and getting exercise in, while still taking care of my kids?!?"

Well… you’re right!

Most Mommas don’t have the time to address ALL of their goals at once when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle.

But having the right guidance, accountability, and mindset can be a GAME CHANGER!

No more overwhelm!

No more wondering if it will work!

No more wasting time or money!

Imagine for just a moment...

  • In just one month, going from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the choices you are making with your health + wellness goals to feeling confident and  empowered! 
  • Never having to “diet” again because you now have the skills you need to create sustainable habits that easily fit into your life!
  • Having practical and easy to implement strategies that can be used in all areas of your life.
  • Shifting your mindset out of the all-or-nothing mentality so that you can truly enjoy your food, your exercise, and live your life the way you want while still reaching your health and wellness goals!

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here!


Nourished: A Busy Mom’s Roadmap to Better Health!


The easy to follow roadmap that will provide you with all the tools and strategies you need to make healthy a sustainable lifestyle and not just another quick fix! 


1.  Detailed lessons that equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to make sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices. 


2.  Tools, strategies, and resources, that will take you from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about nutrition and self-care, to a balanced enjoyable approach to wellness.


3.  A simple and practical approach to help you embrace mindful eating, practical nutrition, positive body image, and enjoyable exercise. 


4.  And most importantly these are all designed to seamlessly fit into your busy Mom life!
…..because you deserve to be at the top of your priority list so that you can show up as the best version of yourself for your kids!
Get Nourished

It’s time to give yourself (and your family) the best version of you there possibly is!

Just like my clients have done:

"Working with Rachel as my nutrition coach has been a revelation. Unlike previous experiences, Rachel didn't impose strict restrictions. Instead, she focused on education, guiding me towards healthier choices. Over the past 60 days, I've not only shed 7.8 lbs but also bid farewell to alcohol, breaking free from the yoyo dieting cycle. Rachel's approach is empowering – she didn't just change my habits; she changed my perspective on nutrition and well-being. I'm immensely grateful for her guidance."

Athena N.

"Rachel has helped me finally break the cycle of binge eating and dieting.  This really is a lifestyle change, and I genuinely feel like my health is the best it has ever been.  Rachel is supportive while you learn new habits and will help guide you to be your best self.  I am more comfortable building balanced meals, while still allowing myself to mindfully enjoy all the food groups."

Holly W.

"A lot of it is the mindset around shifting to a healthy lifestyle that's not related to a scale.  My goal was to make it more of a lifestyle rather than some fad diet or crash diet.  It was the first time that the weight loss was secondary…like an added benefit, and not the main goal!"

Megan G.

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To make reaching those goals simple and doable. 

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Module 1:

Inner Nourishment

Goals, Emotions, and Time Mastery

Just like a house, every health and wellness journey needs a solid foundation because without one, it will quickly crumble to the ground.

As busy Moms we aren’t ALWAYS going to be motivated to make the healthier choice but when we have a solid foundation it makes it so much easier.

How are we going to build our foundation?

  • By identifying our “Why” for wanting to work on our health and wellness. 

  • Having an understanding of why and how certain behaviors affect our choices.

  • Have a solid plan that actually fits into our busy days and allows for flexibility all at the same time! 

Being able to reach and sustain our wellness goals becomes SOOOO much easier because you now have a solid foundation to fall back on when your already busy days get even busier and more chaotic!

Module 2:

Properly Nourished

Macros, Smart Shopping, and Meal Time Magic

Building a sturdy foundation is just the beginning; you also need the know-how to nourish it effectively, ensuring it stands strong and resilient!

You’re probably wondering but how do I do that?

  • By knowing and understanding the importance of macro and micronutrients in your body
  • Understanding how to read food labels - what info is important, what doesn’t matter as much, how is the food industry trying to trick us!
  • Then understanding how to apply all that knowledge when planning and creating meals and snacks 

Properly nourishing our bodies becomes so much easier and way more delicious when you know what and why your body needs and how ALL foods have a place and a role in our lives even if you are on a health and wellness journey.   

Module 3:

Nourished Shifts

Embracing Small Changes, Creating Supportive Spaces, and Celebrating Wins Beyond Food

Just as a house evolves and changes with thoughtful renovations, your habits and mindset around your wellness journey will (and should) as well! 

How are we going to do that?

  • By focusing on making small and manageable changes over time.
  • Creating an environment, both at home and socially, that supports you on your health and wellness journey.
  • Celebrating EVERY win, from the teeniest little success to achieving your ultimate goals on your wellness journey.  These all deserve to be recognized! 

Working towards reaching our health and wellness goal becomes so much less overwhelming when we break it down into small habit changes that can actually be sustained and focus on what is going well on our journey instead of what we haven't accomplished yet.  So many times our perspective is what ends up holding us back from completing our goals! 

Module 4:

Nourished Mindset

Embracing Positivity Joyful Activity, and Mindful Well-being

Embracing a nourished mindset is like putting the finishing touches on your already solid and beautiful home. Focusing on your mindset will add the essential touches you need to truly create a healthy lifestyle.

How are we going to do that?

  • By embracing and loving our bodies for what they have done for us, still do for us, and what we want them to do for us as we get older.
  • Finding enjoyment in exercise and embracing a more active lifestyle.
  • Giving ourselves permission to rest, take time for ourselves, and ditch the guilt SOOO many Moms feel when they take time to do something they want to do!

This is the piece that really brings it all together, just like the finishing touches do in your home!  Embracing a mindset of gratitude and joy are game changers when it comes to reaching your health and wellness goals!

I Want In!

Fast Action Bonus  



For anyone that signs up before Tuesday 2/6 at 11:59 pm EST, you will receive two 20 minute 1:1 calls with me.

During these calls we will: 

  • Dive deeper into your personal health and wellness goals 
  • You will receive personalized guidance based on your goals and current lifestyle
  • We will work together to create an actionable and practical plan specifically for you! 

More Amazing Bonuses!

  Bonus #1 

  Personalized Meal     Planning Guide 



  • Personalized Recipe Vault: Discover 50+ delicious recipes we hand-pick based on your dietary needs, allergies, and goals (weight loss, vegetarian, etc.). Say goodbye to "what's for dinner?"
  • Drag & Drop Meal Planner: Build your perfect week by easily scheduling meals from your personalized recipe vault. Want a stir-fry on Monday? Leftovers Tuesday? You're in control!
  • Magic Shopping List: Our system automatically generates a complete shopping list as you build your meal plan. No more scrambling through recipes - we've got you covered!

  Bonus #2: 

  Food Log Review




  On our call we'll dive deep into your food log!

  • Together, we'll walk through your food log: I'll guide you through your food log entry by entry. We'll discuss the types of foods you're eating, portion sizes, and any questions you might have.
  • We'll analyze your food log for balance and variety: I'll help you assess if your current diet provides the nutrients your body needs to feel its best.
  • We'll brainstorm personalized strategies: Based on your goals and what we find in your food log, we'll develop practical tips and strategies to help you make healthy and sustainable changes.
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Nourished: A Busy Mom’s Roadmap to Better Health

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