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A high-support coaching program, completely customized to fit your lifestyle and help you to finally reach your goals!



Time to reset, say goodbye to nutrition myths and self-limiting beliefs. Together we will uncover the truth and pave the way for you to easily create sustainable weight loss and wellness.

 Our 1:1 coaching is designed to give you one-on-one attention.

It’s completely customized to fit your lifestyle. We’ll work together each week to create a lifestyle that will allow you to not only achieve your nutrition goals but sustain them, even amidst the chaos of your busy Mom life!   

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What's Included

  • Weekly calls during your first month
  • Bi-Weekly Calls during month 2 and on
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Recipe + food recommendations
  • Resources, + tools that have been proven to help you navigate all of life's events + still reach your goals! 
  • 24/7 messaging so I can support you through any struggles you may face!
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What customers are saying...

Rachel has helped me finally break the cycle of binge eating and dieting.  This really is a lifestyle change, and I genuinely feel like my health is the best it has ever been.  Rachel is supportive while you learn new habits and will help guide you to be your best self.  I am more comfortable building balanced meals, while still allowing myself to mindfully enjoy all the food groups."

Holly W. 

"Working with Rachel as my nutrition coach has been a revelation. Unlike previous experiences, Rachel didn't impose strict restrictions. Instead, she focused on education, guiding me towards healthier choices. Over the past 60 days, I've not only shed 7.8 lbs but also bid farewell to alcohol, breaking free from the yoyo dieting cycle. Rachel's approach is empowering – she didn't just change my habits; she changed my perspective on nutrition and well-being. I'm immensely grateful for her guidance."

Athena N. 

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During our chat, we'll tailor the program to fit your unique needs and if it's a fit, you'll join our 1:1  coaching program!

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